We are Dubai off plan and we are offering off plan properties. Buying an apartment in a new building: what you need to know about technical details
Apartments in new homes may not meet the specifications stated in the project and have defects. Therefore, when looking at some technical aspects, a new settler should pay attention to himself

Builders and realtors often say that the main criterion for most homebuyers in new buildings is the price. Next come the consumer characteristics: local, specific, etc. However, some experts also add that a growing number of customers who are approaching the selection and examination of the living space in more detail, among other things paying attention to the technical and technological nuances.

In the early stages
Considering the fact that sales in residential complexes are already open at the stage of the pit, the first thing to be carefully studied when buying a home is technical documents. “The project declaration with a detailed technical description of the future house should be presented on the developer’s website,” says Sofya Lebedeva, CEO of MIEL-Novostroiki. In the office of sales of a new building there must also be a layout, where you can get an idea of the location of the house and apartments, ask questions about construction technologies.

According to Sergei Komarov, the head of external sales of NDV-Nedvizhimost, at this stage people are interested in information about the building materials used, the structure of the external walls and the cladding. Often the questions concern the brand of insulating glass. “Interest in the technical side is confirmed by open days, which many developers conduct in the format of excursions and presentations,” says Sergey Komarov. However, interest, as a rule, does not go beyond simple questions. “The concrete grade does not interest anyone,” the expert adds.

At the final stage of construction

In the panel houses, attention should be paid to the facades: there are no cracks and streaks on the quality panel, it is well sealed. For example, when constructing the floors of a panel apartment house, the width of the joints between the panels of walls and ceilings may be greater than required by the design or construction norms. The consequences of poor thermal and sound insulation of joints will be heat loss and noise problem. A lone shareholder, of course, will hardly be allowed to build a construction site. However, in the format of initiative groups with the developer, you can agree on monitoring visits.

Apartments without finishing

When buying an apartment where no finishing is provided, it is important to check the walls and floor for the absence of cracks or cracks. “There was a precedent when tenants, making a floor screed, poured a solution through the floors of the apartment one floor below – there was a crack in the floor, which they did not notice at a cursory examination,” says Sofya Lebedeva. There are cases when concrete slabs on the floor were laid unevenly – some protruded a few centimeters. To level all the floors, it was necessary to fill up a huge amount of sand concrete all the apartment, which led to additional costs for materials and services workers.